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Time Bikes UK Dealer

Time bikes are a High end Bicycle brand specializing in expert carbon fibre frame manufacturing, all the frames are designed and produced in their European facility to the highest standards resulting in un-rivalled quality and tolerances to build into incredible bikes. Each frame is available in a multitude of colours allowing us to build unique custom bikes. The models vary from high end road bikes through to the latest ADHX which is a fully integrated all road / gravel bike.

Full of history and iconic moments in the world of cycling, Time bikes commitment to quality, innovation and excellence enable them to build faster and faster bikes.

Time 2023 Alpe D’Huez

The all-new 2023 Time Alpe D’Huez is not simply a bike, it’s a work of technical art, blended with the heart and soul of a place steeped in cycling history. Time have taken cutting edge materials and combined them in a such a way that the results are simply phenomenal.


The Time ADHX is a class leading gravel bike combining state of the art design and manufacturing that produces the ultimate gravel machine. The frameset is light, stiff, comfortable and handles like a dream, add into the mix drop dead good looks and you have a winner!


The Time Alpe d’Huez 01 is an exceptional climbing bike. It’s designed to be class leading with exquisite attention to detail that has led to a frame weight of sub 900g, it’s the lightest frame Time has ever built. Make no mistake this is a high end, light, strong, rigid climbing machine designed to take on all slopes!


The Alpe d’Huez 21 is a lightweight climbing bike designed to be more versatile than the 01. The carbon frame features Basalt filaments which adds a higher degree of comfort, whilst maintaining a high level of refined acceleration and handling. If the 01 is a 2 seater super car, the 21 is high performance GT car!

Time Scylon

The Time Scylon is a thoroughbred racing bike. Its designed to be Times most aerodynamic bikes, whilst maintaining optimal stiffness and low weight. The unique high strength carbon layup blends the unique blend of carbon and Vectran© fibres provide beautifully balanced strength and performance.

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