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EZ Gains is the perfect fit for VeloElite wheels as a partner for our products. We pride ourselves on providing the best service for our customers and that includes making as many things as easy as possible which is where the EZ Disc cover comes in!
EZ Disc is a rear wheel cover for our 80mm Tri rear wheel, this enables you to have both the Tri wheelset with 80mm rear and 60mm front wheel as well as the EZ Disc cover for less than the price of a normal disc wheel.
The biggest benefit of this for triathletes is the versatility when travelling abroad to races, through the last couple of years we’ve seen races change their mind on the use of disc wheel within 24 hours of the event, leaving many athletes stranded looking for non disc rear wheels to use for their race. The EZ Disc changes the game by making it so that you can travel, train all week on our VeloElite 80mm Tri rear wheel, and then add the EZ Disc cover on just before the race!

We’re confident in the performance of the EZ Disc cover on our 80mm Tri wheel when it comes to speed as this spoked construction is how many of the most modern and fastest disc wheels are now built. The small weight penalty for adding the EZ Disc on is well worth the extra aerodynamic gain that you’ll receive even on hillier courses, but if it is too windy and you’re not as confident with the cover on or the course is extremely hilly then remove the cover and you’re good to go!

An easy 5 step installation process can be followed to get the cover on either at home or at your race location but we’re always here to help if needed too!

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