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VeloElite carbon Bike wheels - Hand built
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VeloElite Bikes

VeloElite bikes was born out of the concept of providing unique custom build bikes to offer customers with the opportunity to bring their ideas and vision to life. We work closely with small, niche bike brands which allows us to put our stamp on the process whilst giving you all the options to achieve your dream build.

All three of our bike brands allow us to cater for any of our clients custom bike needs from high end, hand-built aluminium through to the highest quality carbon fibre bikes – with our expertise in bike fitting and custom builds we can ensure you get the optimal bike for your needs.

Swift Bikes provides our clients with a more unusual off the shelf offering giving great value for money complete with well thought out specification and components. There is now a full range of Road, Gravel, Mountain and E bikes, this range of bikes can be purchased in the UK exclusively from VeloElite in Northamptonshire.

Time Bikes is our no-compromise custom build brand – Time are carbon fibre experts providing un-rivalled quality when it comes to carbon fibre manufacturing, with all the frames being handmade in their own factory and using unique in-house production methods. They cater for your discerning road cycling and the range includes the all new versatile ADHX allroad/gravel bike.

Sceptre Bikes (Coming soon!) is our Fully bespoke custom build brand offering custom geometry and custom paint options. The frames are built in high end scandium alloy, these bikes are UK designed, UK fabricated and UK assembled, complete with fully internal cable routing this provides a modern twist on a custom aluminium frame. Each Sceptre bike starts with a consultation and bike fit to ascertain the exact frame dimensions and specifications, we then work closely with the customer to build the bike within their budget.

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